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Lot 707

Cole Caufiled signed 16×20 1st goal photo
Winning bid$770.00
Winning bidderProvost
Bid time08:37 am
Bid increment$10.00

Product Description

Take home this 16×20 signed photo of Cole Caufield’s first NHL goal. Cole Caufield is the Canadiens’ newest rookie and was drafted 15th overall in the 2019 NHL entry draft. He scored his first goal on May 1st, 2021 against the Ottawa Senators in overtime. This photo includes a certificate of authenticity.*Winning bid does not include shipping. Product can be shipped only in North America, or item can be picked up at Tricolore Sports. Shipping price will vary depending on item value.*

Auction History

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The winner of this item is :Provost

Date Bid User Auto
2021-05-21 08:37:55$770.00Provost Auto
2021-05-21 08:37:55$760.00Frank27
2021-05-21 08:37:33$750.00Provost Auto
2021-05-21 08:37:33$740.00Frank27
2021-05-20 16:17:44$710.00Provost Auto
2021-05-20 16:17:44$700.00Corky
2021-05-19 22:26:31$650.00Provost Auto
2021-05-19 22:26:31$640.00Samuel Mathieu-Boisvert
2021-05-19 22:26:24$630.00Provost Auto
2021-05-19 22:26:24$620.00Samuel Mathieu-Boisvert
2021-05-19 22:23:13$610.00Provost Auto
2021-05-19 22:23:13$600.00Samuel Mathieu-Boisvert
2021-05-19 22:23:00$580.00Provost Auto
2021-05-19 22:23:00$570.00Samuel Mathieu-Boisvert
2021-05-18 00:17:05$560.00Provost Auto
2021-05-18 00:17:05$550.00weban0676
2021-05-18 00:15:27$510.00Provost Auto
2021-05-18 00:15:27$500.00weban0676
2021-05-18 00:11:07$490.00Provost Auto
2021-05-18 00:11:07$480.00weban0676
2021-05-15 18:57:57$460.00Provost
2021-05-15 17:59:51$450.00Christian
2021-05-15 13:12:58$420.00Provost
2021-05-15 12:47:43$410.00Noëlla Arsenault
2021-05-15 12:47:27$400.00Wilfred Mallette Auto
2021-05-15 12:47:27$400.00Noëlla Arsenault
2021-05-15 12:32:16$390.00Wilfred Mallette
2021-05-15 12:25:36$380.00Stancup
2021-05-15 12:25:36$350.00Nick Brumbaugh Auto
2021-05-15 12:25:19$330.00Nick Brumbaugh Auto
2021-05-15 12:25:19$320.00Stancup
2021-05-15 12:25:02$310.00Nick Brumbaugh Auto
2021-05-15 12:25:02$300.00Stancup
2021-05-15 11:07:05$290.00Nick Brumbaugh
2021-05-15 11:03:18$280.00Mean Machine
2021-05-15 11:02:16$200.00Nick Brumbaugh Auto
2021-05-15 11:02:16$200.00Mean Machine
2021-05-15 10:44:50$150.00Nick Brumbaugh
2021-05-15 10:37:31$140.00Provost
2021-05-15 10:33:31$110.00Nick Brumbaugh
2021-05-15 10:31:02$100.00Provost
2021-05-13 15:00Starting bid is 100$